Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vacation Highlights... Disneyland pt.1

We purchased 3-day park-hopper passes so we could stretch out our time at Disney---Definitely the way to go, as Disneyland can be pretty overwhelming to the most seasoned of Disney enthusiasts (myself and Pete), let alone a two year old with limited media exposure. This way, we could come just for the first part of the day and then head back to Gran's for a nap... or in the case of our last trip- just for the evening and fireworks. And, being only two, A was still free- yay!

Yay! Disneyland!

A very common, very cute quizzical expression of Aurora's

The requisite Mickey-shaped cookie. (took her pretty much the rest of the vacation to finish)

On her favorite ride... the Teacups

First meeting with mickey...not so sure. She was so excited to see him- till we got up close ;)


Diane said...

Hi Rebecca, Pete and Aurora!

We miss you lots. Grace is always talking about Aurora and today said "isn't Rebecca EVER going to babysit me again?!?" Any chance we could meet up with you in Sturbridge on Mon April 20th? Grace and I are on our way to Boston for a medical visit!

Rebecca said...

Uhh...Yeah! That would be so wonderful!!!

I'll email you :)

Atouria said...

I love the pic of you guys on the teacups - so sweet!