Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ok, Easter morning pics, finally.

All the bunnies in our home had come out to wait up for the Easter Bunny.
We found them all still here Easter morning.

The Easter Bunny left footprints all the way from the door to Aurora's playtable!
They were rainbow colored, and we speculated that maybe he got a little messy while dying eggs.

The Easter Bunny supports handmade!! What a socially conscious rabbit he is!
He (she?) left me a note saying that this super cute bunny family was from
Imagination Kids on Etsy.

More handmade goodies!! The pillow case dress is Mama-made from a vintage thrifted pillow case, the squirrel purse and teeny felted bunny are from Beneath the Rowan Tree and the hairclips are from Lilibug.

Aurora was so excited she could barely contain herself! She set out her Easter dress the night before and put it on first thing, even before she came out.

more to come...

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