Friday, March 6, 2009

5th Wedding Anniversary

I love you Pete, with all my heart.
Looking forward, with great joy, to many more to come.
Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


That's it. Just wanted to share :) Hope everyone's having a great day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Naptime Productivity

Art Wallet

To hopefully make for a more peaceful flight to CA.... and then restaurants and such. The crayons are triangular (and washable)... so they can't roll off the table ;)

My sewing machine and I are beginning to become friends. I won't, however, go so far as to say we're comfortable with each other quite yet. But this sewing session didn't end in tears or curses... so that's a start!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Five things making me happy today... in no particular order

Daffodils on my kitchen window sill
Beautiful hand-dyed roving (from this etsy shop) pre drafted and ready to be spun
This cheerful girl in Hanna pajammas, tap shoes and purse... gleefully announcing she was going to Trader Joe's (please disregard the yucky looking water in the fish tank... it's not that bad).

New Spring bows for Aurora from this great etsy seller, Lilibug

The Minnie clip being, of course, for our trip to Gran's house in California and Disneyland next week!
The thought of which is also making me very happy today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

pic update

finished gnome with beard added and a toodstool child, from The Princess in the Forest by Sibylle Von Olfers (a current favorite of Aurora's)

One Fine Day....

On Saturday we went up to vistit Aurora's Grandmommy in Easthampton Mass. We started the day with a visit to Magic Wings in South Deerfield--- it was amazing!! Aurora *loved* seeing all the butterflies all around. And it was warm....nice ;)

Aurora with Daddy

My favorite butterfly

Grandmommy was lucky enough to have one land on her back
After lunch at the Butterfly house, Aurora and Daddy went back to Grandmommy's to "rest" (A was too excited to nap, though... making for one tired Daddy, who really had needed to rest) and Barbara and I went to New England Felting Supply. I was, to say the very least, excited. Why I didn't think to bring my camera to the store is beyond me.... it was an amazing place.... and for somebody just getting started in felting and spinning, rather much like a dreamland.
I do have pics of the goods, tough...

The big bags of colored wool in the back are Norwegian C1 to use for needle felting, the greyish undyed wool in the back is core wool, the packages of smaller rounds of wool in the front- left are Merino for wet felting, the red/yellow/orange gorgeousness in the front-right is a merino/tencel blend for spinning and in front of that is a silk cap for spinning. I'm going to need some guidence for the silk cap. Anybody out there who can give me some pointers?

And this morning, I needled this lil' guy...
He is based very much on the little rainbow gnomes Lori over at Beneath The Rowan Tree. makes. I really hope she doesn't mind....what is it they say? 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'... I love the look of her lil' guys and it seemed like an easy form to start with. I still got to add his beard though...

Aurora, of course, wanted nothing to do with him at first. She then decided though, that he looked enough like a 'moss boy' from The Princess in the Forest, to be welcomed into her play. The 'moss boy' served her honey and fruits of the forest this morning.