Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and even more!...

After brunch and some more sugared playtime, we decided it was a nice day for a drive. It was only 45 degrees or so, mind you, but it was sunny! So we headed out for a drive eastward along Connecticut's sea towns and ended up at Harkness Memorial State Park.

It was cold and windy, but beautiful, and Aurora was so happy to be at the beach.

The mansion. The Harkness' summer house ;) Aurora really liked the house, even though we didn't go in, when we pulled into our parking spot at home she said "no, no, go to new house, go to new house!! All done this house!" Apparently, she wants a mansion set on 215 acres of Connecticut coastline. Go figure.

And this, is what we came back home to. It was late and we were all exhausted, so even though I had planned a big dinner (complete with ham!), we ordered pizza. We had our Easter feast on Monday ;)

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Atouria said...

Aurora has good taste! That wouldn't be such a bad place to live. ;)

I love the pics at the beach. I wish we had one closer to us!