Friday, June 18, 2010

First Stitches

Knit stitches that is. My baby, ahem, I mean big girl, has been asking to learn to knit for quite some time. I wanted to start with finger knitting like any sensible mama, but she insisted on using needles. So learning she is... and quite quickly, too. She needs a bit of help holding the two needles together while she wraps the yarn... but, otherwise, she's doing it by herself!

She says she's knitting a scarf for her Nee Nee. This yarn has some sweet memories for me. It is the organic cotton I used to teach my self to knit two summers ago. I made a garter stitch scarf for Rory. I think she's picking it up quicker than I did, though :0

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

some updates and recent happenings

Its been so long!!!!

We're all doing well... its just been busy and I'm still just so tired. Two is hard. But also a whole lotta fun.

So, whats been up?

~~We've been to the bronx zoo. Awesome place and expensive enough that a membership is the way to go, so we look forward to going a lot more. A full post on that soon.
~~Aurora got a haircut~~~ in her room, by herself, with safety scissors. She now sports a cute lil' pixie style ;) Full post on that soon too.
~~Liam is huge. A bit over 17lbs. As a comparison, Rory was only 19 at a year and still hasn't hit 30 at almost 4.
~~He's also rolling over.
~~His favorite place right now is the baby swing hanging from the beautiful maple in our courtyard. We sit out together each morning while I drink my coffee. He just sits and looks and takes it all in. And gets excited when a school bus passes. Such a boy ;)
~~I have finally got Aurora's quilt top that she designed done... just need to back, quilt and bind it.... hopefully soon. I'll put up pics when that's done.
~~Rory has also shone a big interest in letters lately, so I've been introducing them to her slowly using sandpaper letters and the Montessori method. And only at her prompting. She's loving it.... and has started writing a bit too... Mom, Dad, Aurora, Liam etc. Lots of fun.
~~I need to also post some recent samples of her art work. She's hit that stage where everything, suns, wheels, flowers etc... all have happy faces. And many sporting sunglasss.
~~We gave her her own tape dispenser, not fully realizing what we were in for, so there is artwork taped up literally all over the house. Including the fish tank (that gets taken down fairly soon) and inside closets.
~~The tiny hole in Liam's heart has closed up!!! No more cardiologists for this little man, he now has a perfectly formed heart.
~~ Aurora, unfortunately, spent two days in the hospital at the beginning of May due to an acute case of croup. It was very scary and traumatizing for all of us, and we are still recovering from it in some ways. She has an appt with an allergist soon, to see if maybe all of the bad croup attacks she's had are related in some way to an allergy.

Some recent pics:
Turtles in a half shell... Turtle power!!! (anyone?)

finally back into cloth diapering after a break through most of the month of May. My first pair of hand knit longies :)

Sweet, Sleepy babe...

Cuddling yarn that had just arrived in the mail. She's my girl ;0

Liam's beloved swing