Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Trying something new...

So, I've stumbled upon this cool idea ... The Simple Woman's Daybook. Each Monday (yes, I know today is Tuesday... but I still want to start this week), you journal about what's going on in your home, life, mind, etc... And the format seems like it will be particularly easy for me to follow. This blog has been a great way to record the day-to-day memories taking place in our lives... but this will add a bit more structure, which I think is needed, while also helping me to slow down and simply notice. So, jumping right in....

FOR TODAY (Tuesday, April 7th, 2009)...

Outside my window...Sunshine! Rain was forcast, so its a very welcome suprise. Chilly though, only around 47. And pretty breezy too. Warm enough though, to open wide a couple windows and 'change the air'. Makes all the difference.

I am thinking... about the brother-in-law of a friend who passed away recently from complications related to pnemonia. He was 29. The same age as Pete. He had 3 small daughters.

I am thankful for... a healthy husband and healthy daughter.... and the many kisses, hugs and
I love you's we give each other everyday.

From the learning rooms...Oh my, has there been a lot of action in the block area recently!!! Aurora is really starting to be able to 'build' what she sees in her mind. She creates and recreates very complex scenes of houses, barns and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (We did just get back from Disney, afterall. Funny thing, though, she calls it goat-house! She knows full well it's proper name... she just thinks Goathouse sounds better, I guess!). I'm also seeing a lot of symmetry in her block creations which is a new development and one I wouldn't have expected to see quite yet. She also has these small rainbow cube blocks, which she forms into squares and rectangles of different sizes.... and recently she was dividing them into threes... she set up 3 brick blocks and then placed 3 rainbow cubes on each block! She will often build equally-- if she adds a block here, she adds one there, to keep it balanced. She has her daddy's spatial and linear thinking, this one.

From the kitchen... Spaghetti, meatballs, salad and bread for dinner tonight... a welcome classic. Also, trying very much to find the particular recipe for Hot Cross Buns that was such a hit last year. Where did I put it !?!

I am wearing... Brown cords and a green tee.... and slippers.

I am creating...well, I'm working on clearing off my sewing table so I can create. I have many projects in my head, though.

I am going... to Trader Joes this afternoon.

I am reading... More of Eat, Pray, Love. I had set it down for a while, but picked it back up recently. I'm waiting for the copy of The Singing Day, to arrive... possibly today... then I'll probably be reading that, I'm sure.

I am hoping...for some warmer temps soon.

I am hearing... silence coming across the baby monitor! Aurora is actually napping today! This has become the exception rather than the rule.

Around the house...General cleaning and decluttering. Our spring seasons table is coming along nicely... with the center pieces a large vase of newly leafing peach twigs, from which we are hanging one decorative Easter egg each day as we count down to Easter. Aurora is loving this and I know it will become a cherished tradition over the years.

One of my favorite things... All of the small signs that Spring truly is coming... the tiny buds on the trees, the daffodils, the herb seedlings Aurora and I started.

A few plans for the rest of the week: More getting ready for Easter... I have the Easter table cloth to sew up, Aurora and I are going to craft a small gift for her friends, and I need to decide what we're having for Easter Dinner.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The sun just setting over the horizon at Balboa Peninsula. A scene, growing up, I was very familiar with.... but wouldn't realize how much I cherished 'til I moved away.


domestic.blizz said...

Juat dropping by from The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Enjoy working on your Easter crafts. I am sure that Aurora will love the idea of Easter traditions with the hanging of decorative Easter eggs. Hope that you are able to find your favourite Hot Cross bun recipe in time.

Have a great week and a happy Easter.

Atouria said...

That's a neat idea. I may steal a few of the topics and maybe make up a few of my own. It seems so neat to imagine reading these years from now!

RunninL8 said...

This is such a great idea! An perfect structure for one with ADD!
Thanks for sharing!
And Hello from Alaska!