Sunday, January 25, 2009

She's growing up...

She has enough hair for a ponytail... barely.

Yesterday morning we began the process of visiting preschools for the fall. We went to the one yesterday, and have another open house next weekend. (Apparently you have to choose a school and apply in January, if you want any hope of getting a spot for the fall) I had a flash forward moment of taking Aurora to visit colleges. It was pretty bittersweet.

Loved the preschool. It's only a few blocks away, so we could walk. It's a mixed age class- love that. The teachers are all super dedicated and been there for like 20 yrs- great. And it reminded me so much of my beloved St. Mark, where I used to work. Very child centered and child led. NAEYC accredited, too. Very nice, natural outdoor space with mature trees. Aurora loved it too- she had a blast (Which settled any doubts I had of whether she was actually ready for preschool).

All great... except that it's a 5 day only program, and we're really only looking to send her 2, maybe 3 days a week.

I still can't believe she'll be old enough for preschool this fall.
Time is flying..


isabelle said...

hello there; we ended up not being able to go; theophane slept late and we forgot!!! i felt so sorry about it!! but glad you could make it.
for us too 5 days is too much; too bad!!
the little ponytail is so cute!!! i want a daughter someday for that very reason!!
ok; the plane is tomorrow and nothing is ready; gotto go!!
see you soon!!

ps: i cant wait to know how you like NMS

Rebecca said...


It was wonderful. we felt so at home there, I so wish they had at least a 3 day option :(

isabelle said...


i wanted to tell you but i forgot last time, there's a jewish montessori preschool in westville, garinim montessori. i think it's open to all faiths.
hope that helps!

ok, gotta go!!