Thursday, January 29, 2009

oohhh! Goodies from Three Sisters Toys

So, Three Sisters has been having this great sale- everything's 25% off. Which is great, except for the very troubling reason for the sale in the first place- the new CPSIA law which goes into effect February 10th. If you've not done so already, please click on the 'Save Handmade' teddy bear link to the right, where you can find more information and take action.

Anyway, we took advantage of the sale to get a few things we had been wanting for A, before they may no longer be available (enter crying smilie here).

My favorite is this awesome wooden flower stacking toy/ manipulative/block set! It's just beautiful to look at... and fun to play with too. It is slightly rough, so I think I will give it a good finishing with beeswax polish tonight after the Little One is in bed.

A has discovered many uses for this 'flower'. I love how open-ended it is. The pieces make great hills and tunnels for her little Plan Toys cars. And also great chairs, beds and cradles for her doll house dolls. She also just likes to carry the pieces around and talk to them--"oh, it's okay... I'll carry you. Oh, oh my! Come with Mama" I love listening to the narrative that she's adding more and more to her play.
She also got this really cool Dolphin Balancing game. You can see it in action here (a little blurry, sorry- it was rocking back and forth). She does play with it with the pieces, as intended, but mostly she just loves the wooden dolphin. It's entered the ranks of her entourage of animals, which accompany her everywhere (in the house at least). Last night the dolphin slept in her bed:)
We also bought some stockmar watercolors and a painting board for some wet-on-wet watercolor painting. We'll probably give that a shot this afternoon- so expect pictures later :)

I must admit, I am enjoying these toys at least as much as A... perhaps more, lol.

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