Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some very special friends

NeeNee, Kitty and Doggie are three very special friends in Aurora's life right now. NeeNee was given to Aurora by Gran when she flew out the day after she was born and has been a constant companion since (and I really do mean constant). Aurora's Grandmommy made Doggie and Kitty for her 2nd birthday. They've become close friends, too. All three often join her for walks, naps, in her play kitchen, for stories and rides on her ladybug scooter- got to get a picture of that someday, it's quite the balancing act. It's so fun to watch as imaginary play begins to blossom for Rory- and these three friends have been the most frequent catalyst for that very important developmental play.

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stacy said...

she is sooooooooo beautiful. I love her eyes. she seems like so much fun to be around.