Friday, December 19, 2008

an emergency trip to the Pediatric Dentist :(

Last night, Aurora was dancing around in the kitchen when she tripped and fell smack onto her face. She was really upset, so I checked to make sure her teeth were there and not wobbly, and then did my best to console her and stop the bleeding from her gums. It was almost bedtime.
This morning, after her fat lip and bit of gum swelling had gone down, we noticed that one of her front teeth was pushed back ever so slightly. And she still seemed like it was bothering her (although she would still eat a cookie :)). So we put a call into the Yale Pediatric Dental center and they had us come in for an emergency appt. Poor girl! She, of course, didn't cooperate at all, and I had to use my legs and arms to keep her still for an x-ray. Luckily the root bone isn't fractured, but there is some discoloration that was visible on the x-ray and her tooth may become discolored as well. We don't know if it was subluxed enough to cause damage to the nerve, but if it did, and infection sets in the tooth would need to be pulled!!! Any prayers you can offer up that her tooth won't need to be pulled (or horribly discolored), would be much appreciated!!
We go back in 3 weeks for a follow up, unless there are signs of infection which would bring us in sooner, of course.

Eeek, this is so not how I wanted her first experience at the dentist to go.


isabelle said...

oh dear, poor thing and poor mama.
i fissured a tooth years ago on hard unidentified thing in a cosco sausage (!!!)and my dentist taught me that teeth, as they are alive can heal. it did.
i learned later that there are some special diets that can help with that -right PH in particular.

i hope she'll be OK !
must have been so hard for you to hold her and all.
theophane has 2 broken teeth.
and he twisted his ankle last week, seeing him limp was heartbreaking!!

Grandmommy said...

May Rory's tooth heal quickly, and may she always feel that dancing is worth a scrape or two!