Friday, December 5, 2008


Ok, yes, Halloween was well over a month ago... but I just started this blog, so I've got some catch-up to do, right? We visited this wonderful place called Lyman's Orchards. It's 7th oldest family business in America, or something like that... very cool. They had pick your own pumpkin and apple fields (among other things) which we visited. Word to the wise- do not read exciteable two year old several books about pumpkins and farms, get in the car to drive to a pumpkin farm describing in detail all the while how we're going to get our very own special pumpkin and thus raising the expectations of said toddler, only to get out of the car and to the field to realize we have only plastic in our wallets and no cash... it doesn't go over too well. After hopping back in the car and hitting up an ATM, we did manage to have some fun nonetheless, and find a great pumpkin too.

Now onto the actual day. Aurora was a Bumble Bee. Except that she wasn't. My beautiful daughter got a double dose of stubborness from her father and I, and outrightly refused to wear a costume of any sort. Even when she saw all the other kids with them on. Oh well, it will serve her well, I suppose, to be able to choose not to do something even though all the other kids are :)

So here's Aurora dressed all in black ( the bee part of the costume was supposed to go over this)at the Halloween Parade and Party our apartment complex put on. She did have A LOT of fun- especially later when we went trick-or-treating. She does, however, now know what candy is and my days of making it through the grocery check out with her in ignorant bliss as to what all those colorful little packages on the shelves actually are are gone...

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