Monday, December 8, 2008


Yesterday morning we woke up to this!!! Now, people who know me well, know that I'm a fourth generation Californian and complain often of the cold in new england. But I will say this- when it snows, especially those first few snows of the season, it is absolutely Beautiful. And, being a parent now, I'm finding much more to enjoy about the cold weather this season-- snow is fun! I just wish winter didn't last so long....

At the Foote School ( a private school next door to us) there is this really awesome climbing structure. It really is the coolest thing ever- full of slopes, twists and turns, and crevices where only a child can fit. There's a similar, bigger version at the Boston Children's Museum. Aurora spent the Autumn building up her gross motor skills in order to traverse this thing- it took a lot of work on her part, she's still so small yet- but she had finally gotten pretty good at climbing in it. This was the first time she's tried in her full on winter gear though. A whole new challenge, for sure!

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