Friday, August 6, 2010


Yes, we are indeed alive. And doing well, but the computer is in our room next to Liam's napping spot, so it just doesn't get turned on much.

I have some recent pics from our trip to the shore to share....

but first, updates.

Liam is doing great... sitting up,and just yesterday pulled himself forward onto his knees to reach a toy.... which means this weekend we'll be making the living room a bit more active-baby friendly just in case he decides to make a run (crawl) for it soon. He's started solids... and really loves avocado, banana and potato, but is also very stubborn and wants to do it all himself ;)

Aurora's doing great as well... happy, cheerful and sprightly as ever. Spending lots of time creating, both with paper and paints as well as whole imaginary worlds full of characters and friends. She's been playing 'school' a lot recently with her as the teacher. Fun for me to watch as this was one of my favorite games as a young child.

I've got a lot of knitting to share... eventually. And, 6months later, am starting to finally feel I've got a handle on what it means to have 2 children and all that that entails. Pete's doing well also. Spending lots of time in the lab (as he should be, I suppose) but really wonderful quality time with us when he's not :)

Okay... some pics!

And more at Flickr


Grandmommy said...

Great pics as always! Liam is Mr. Personality! Can't wait to see you guys!

I. said...

great to see you back on the blog!!

Shorter family said...

I am so glad to hear you are alive! I was beginning to wonder:) Wow, Aurora's hair looks so dark and adorable (I love the new dew)! And you are sooo right, our chunky little men look so much alike!! Wish we could have played, but we'll just have to start planning for another time!
Miss ya,