Friday, June 18, 2010

First Stitches

Knit stitches that is. My baby, ahem, I mean big girl, has been asking to learn to knit for quite some time. I wanted to start with finger knitting like any sensible mama, but she insisted on using needles. So learning she is... and quite quickly, too. She needs a bit of help holding the two needles together while she wraps the yarn... but, otherwise, she's doing it by herself!

She says she's knitting a scarf for her Nee Nee. This yarn has some sweet memories for me. It is the organic cotton I used to teach my self to knit two summers ago. I made a garter stitch scarf for Rory. I think she's picking it up quicker than I did, though :0


Grandmommy said...

Lovely! Please tell Aurora that Grandmommy is so proud of her!

I. said...

wow! i am impressed!
talk soon, we fly on Tuesday of all goes well...
love from holland!
I and T.