Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recent Knits

In April, my name finally came to the top of a waiting list I was on to join a Three Irish Girls (my favorite yarn!) Yarn Club!!! This made me very happy indeed. I now have amazing yarn coming to me each month, in exclusive (I love that word) colorways. A necessary indulgence. Here are some of the recent knits...

Shorties for the lil' man. TIG roslea organic merino in Oberon. I love these, but was having quite a bit of issues with the short rows- kept getting holes. I'm working on a soaker right now (Vanilla, for anyone on Rav) and it employs a different short row techniques that's working much better for me- no holes! I have some special yarn set aside for fall longies for Liam that will hopefully come out a bit better.

Another Cap Sleeved Tee for Rory in TIG McClellan DK (merino/bamboo) hydrangea. Love this pattern.

A hat (with jingle bell) and sweater set for a toy dog (in TIG galenas merino Gingerbread House from a scrap bag someone sent my way). These things are totally necessary, you know ;)

Liam's fall hat, in my favorite kid's hat pattern SMSS's Fae Folk Hat in TIG Galenas Merino Tierney... knit from left over yarn from his coming home outfit. Which led to the sweetest picture ever:

and on the needles I've got a hooded cotton cardigan to finish up for Rory, the above mentioned soaker for Liam, and the latest club colorway was aptly named Aurora in a dreamy alpaca/silk blend... I'm waiting on one more skein of that being sent to me by a friend, and then a Tiny Tea Leaves cardi is on the list for Rory.


I. said...

oh la la! terrific! how do you make that happen? i have not touched anything since April. oh well. i am a cold season crafter anyway.-)
i look forward to seeing all these beauties IRL.

Rebecca said...

Isa~ I make this happen because it's become a obsession, lol.

bring your knitting over! The hanging swing in the courtyard is a wonderful place to knit!
(if it's not too humid~ othewise the yarn just sticks to my fingers)

Atouria said...

Sweetest picture ever is right! That pic of your two littles together is gorgeous. Frame it! :)

ila hassan said...

OMG! your kids are super cute!! I wish i could hug them. your little one is like a doll.