Thursday, March 5, 2009


That's it. Just wanted to share :) Hope everyone's having a great day!


I. said...

so beautiful!
you really have to show me how you do that when you're back from CA!

Rebecca said...

Ahh! A blog!!!! Yay!

Will it be in English as well...??

I have two drop spindles, happy to share... but I am only learning myself yet- it's still very thick and thin.

Marina said...


I always thought you needed one of those old fashioned spinning wheels to do this, must learn how! Any chance you guys are coming up North ;}?

Rebecca said...

oh, a drop spindle's all you need. And you can even make one with an old CD and wooden dowel.

just so cal this time ;)
I'd love to get DH up to the bay area and show him around one of these years though!

Grandmommy said...

Congratulations! Thick and thin is gorgeous - great texture!