Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Five things making me happy today... in no particular order

Daffodils on my kitchen window sill
Beautiful hand-dyed roving (from this etsy shop) pre drafted and ready to be spun
This cheerful girl in Hanna pajammas, tap shoes and purse... gleefully announcing she was going to Trader Joe's (please disregard the yucky looking water in the fish tank... it's not that bad).

New Spring bows for Aurora from this great etsy seller, Lilibug

The Minnie clip being, of course, for our trip to Gran's house in California and Disneyland next week!
The thought of which is also making me very happy today.

1 comment:

Atouria said...

I love the daffodils! That photo looks like it should be a desktop wallpaper. :)

Enjoy your trip!