Thursday, February 12, 2009

The reason we've been MIA.....

So, its been a full week and a half since I last blogged. I'm such a slacker.... but we haven't just been lying on the couch doing nothing- honest! We simply haven't been around much this past week because it's warmed up (temporarily, I'm sure), melted all the snow and left us with...


gorgeous, sticky, slimy, malleable mud.
Perfect for creating a 'garden' with the other children in our courtyard. The older kids did most of this, of course, but Aurora threw in a couple leaves, and was so, so proud.

She also made (repeatedly, day after day, and in many forms) lots and lots of 'acorns' for the squirrels. She then had me hold her up so she could put them in the tree.

She was simply one very happy girl. All winter I tried to get her outside- but she really didn't care for the snow at all. No matter what we tried. The most we could get her out for was a walk around the block in the Mei Tai on my back. As it melted, and we could see the grass, we were spending more and more time outside... but it took her a couple days to really *remember* how to play. Luckily we live in University family housing and have lots of young children as neighbors to provide an example.
Yesterday, the warmest of the days (an unbelievable 60 degrees and sunny), we spent a total of 6 HOURS outside! Played in the mud, picnicked with friends, and went for a really long walk (during which we stopped briefly for me to gaze longingly through the window at all the delicious goods at the local yarn store. I was very good and didn't go in, btw). Today... well its back to winter, I guess. Although it still pales to our winters in Ithaca, for sure.

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Grandmommy said...

Yea! I have been missing the blogs and new photos of Rory! And yea for mud and acorns and squirrels!