Monday, February 22, 2010

One Month Old Today

Time sure is flying. Liam is already one month old. On the one hand, it feels like he was born yesterday... on the other hand, hasn't he been part of our family forever?

Liam's starting to settle in more and more... he certainly recognizes his sister's voice... he perks right up when he hears her nearby. His favorite place to be is in the sling right against mama's heart, so that's where he is much of the time. That's where he is now. He sleeps like a newborn... which of course means we don't much at all. He has the cutest little smile which, I swear, is intended at least part of the time. And he also has this amazing sad little pout, with bottom lip quivering, that I know he'll use to his advantage as he gets older ;) We're overcoming a bout with thrush which, as any breastfeeding mama who's had it before knows, has been quite painful for me. Luckily we seem to be on the mend. From the very beginning Liam's also had very noisy/raspy/wheezy breathing at times, along with some gagging... this has been quite frightening for us and brought us into the doctors a couple of times. Turns out, its reflux. Rory had this too, but it presented quite differently. He's on medicine now, which seems to be helping some. He's more comfortable and while his breathing is still somewhat loud, its gotten better. We were at the doctors a week ago for the thrush and he weighed 10lbs 7oz!!! The reflux has not affected his appetite!!

Yesterday, we had an early taste of spring, so we headed out for a short walk together as a family. It ended up being a very short walk, as there was quite a bit of wind, but it was wonderful to be out all together.

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