Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Very Long Photos of the Baby Post

Thanks everyone for all the warm thoughts and well wishes!!! We are starting to settle in very nicely~~ Liam is more and more present every day... more with us here in this world. He spends quite a bit of time, for a four day old, quietly observing. You see in his eyes, he has an old soul. It has been quite amazing for us to watch him 'unfold', as that's what seems to be happening, a bit more each and every day~~ tiny little glimpses into his personality and who he might become. We are fascinated by our Little Man.

I haven't really spent any time editing these photos... so they're not the absolute best. But I wanted to get some more up in a *somewhat* timely manner. I've been waiting for a sunny day to get pictures of Liam in his special coming home outfit... hopefully today ;)

Oh, and for those that aren't familiar, "Nee Nee" is Aurora's very special 'other half'. A pink Bunny blanket buddy type thing that was given to her at birth by her Gran. She is never without Nee Nee, and we've come to consider her part of our family. Aurora had picked out this 'Orange Nee Nee' to give to Liam when he was born.

Generous Gifts
Liam, just arrived home. Aurora immediately brought over his orange Nee Nee for him and her purple fish. Then she bestowed on him the greatest gifts of all.... her own very special Nee Nee and Blanket.

Little Boy Blue
Three Days Old

I'm a big Sister!
Big Sister!!

My Loves
My Loves

Nee Nees in the Ergo
Rory received a child sized Ergo, in the same print as ours, as an "Older Sister" gift. She loves to carry her Nee Nee and Liam's around on her back.

Nee Nee Friends
Nee Nee Friends: Aurora's Pink Nee Nee and Liam's Orange Nee Nee... Lovingly put to bed 'cozy next to each other' ~~ I think this is her way of showing her acceptance of Liam... Liam's Nee Nee is included in everything.

With Grandmommy
With Grandmommy

Grandpa and Grandma
With Grandma and Grandpa

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Nicole said...

What a gorgeous family! So glad that Rory seems to love being a big sis so far. :)