Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back....

December, 2008:
Late summer, early autumn 065
Such a little tiny bit of hair (that we were so excited about!), baby cheeks and diapers in the background that are now destined for a different little bum.

november, misc, december 092
A jacket, too big then, and too small now

Late summer, early autumn 100
The thumb in the mouth has remained constant, though :)

And then, this sweet girl, just this morning.... grown up so much already:
watching the snow
Watching the magic of falling snow


Grandmommy said...

So lovely...

Atouria said...

Oh, I just adore that last pic. You have a beautiful daughter.

I. said...

hello there and happy new year from Holland!
wishing you guys a great great year 2010!
i am so happy to read that your little baby is still warm inside.
you did a terrific job!

...for us 2010 did not start so well, there was a major water damage on our house on F street and the content of our apartment is lost, our landlord wrote... M might even need to fly to NH.

oh well at least we are healthy_ and it is snowing here in Holland, which is very rare!! and so precious!


Rebecca said...

Oh no!!!!! Sending you an email.