Monday, November 30, 2009


Our Advent celebration begins tomorrow!! Aurora is super excited. It's looking to be a very, very busy month.... let's just hope this little guys stays inside me until after Christmas;)
We'll be adding some new celebrations this time around.... St. Nicholas Day, Santa Lucia, and Epiphany/Three Kings Day... but to start is our Advent Calendar which Aurora and I made out of cones of Christmas scrapbooking paper we had on hand. 24 cones pinned in two rows along the wall.... each cone will hold a small surprise or project or outing to do together.

Leftover scraps from the cones became refrigerator tangrams.... which have gotten much use already.

And, despite it still really only being Autumn, we started setting up our Winter Nature Table today.


elmcitymom said...

Totally adorable. Looks like you will have so much fun! Will keep fingers crossed for a January baby.

I. said...

hello there!
T woke up at 4.30 from the excitement the day after we received our Advent calendar from Granny in France. I can't imagine the frenzy if we had such a terrific advent calender as you do- he would be in transe! i can imagine A is so happy it all starts tomorrow!
Today we got an unexpected package from Holland, with in all due tradition, 5 little gifts, one for every night until Saint Nicholas. But T, as always watching for the 'package-truck' as he called it, saw the package arrive and what could we do, we said it was from his Holland family and we gave him ONE .
The rest is now hidden in...the fridge!! ;-)
i love love love this time of the year and hope your little boy only arrives in January!

Marina said...

That advent calendar is amazing!