Wednesday, May 13, 2009

some simple sewing

A couple of things I've been working on lately....

Reversible Pinafore dress, using this tutorial. I had to freehand draft the pattern myself, which was a tad tricky, given I'm so new to all this and my little model was asleep. There's a few alterations I think I'll make to the pattern I made, but for now it works. Aurora picked out the fabric herself... lots of baby animals.... and carried the bolt to the cutting counter herself!

The back, showing animal print side

and the front/blue side. I just used seam-a-seam for the 'applique' orange bubbles
And then, after finding this tutorial over at Indietutes for using elastic thread for shirring, I decided to give a little skirt for Aurora a try. It was so, so easy! I highly recommend this method. I measured her waist, doubled it and then measured how long I wanted the skirt to be, added hem and seam allowances, and cut a rectangle to those dimensions. Then I finished the top edge and then sewed four rows of shirring, finished the bottom edge, sewed it into a tube and voila! It was easy and quick and Aurora can put it on/take it off easily. I see a summer wardrobe full of these for Little A, and maybe a couple for myself as well ;)

detail of ribbon edging
So, turns out I have a budding little seamstress here in Aurora. She now loves the fabric store, and has taken to noticing people's clothing and mentioning what nice fabric it is, lol. Yesterday she was on her bed with her special blanket and saying how nice the fabric is, etc... and that she picked it out herself! We were also outside recently, when a friend (who's blog is here)brought out these cute little cupcake pants she had sewn for her daughter . Aurora's eyes lit up! "Mama, go to fabric store, get cupcake fabric?" Well, who can resist that, I ask?!

I've got my eye on this beautiful wooden toy sewing machine.... perhaps for her birthday (which is shockingly only 4.5 months away!).


Grandmommy said...

Becca - the skirt is gorgeous!

Atouria said...

The pinafore is cute. I've never heard of the appliqu├ęs you used. Are they fairly easy?

I agree, that skirt is gorgeous! When you add the ribbon trim, do you hem it first? (I'm guessing yes, but I've never done it.)

Are you ever tempted to buy the pre-shirred fabric at the store? I would so cheat and have a million little sundresses for my girl, lol.

I saw that sewing machine on etsy. If it wasn't for the high shipping, I may have ordered it already. I think I might get it for Aidan for xmas since he's constantly unthreading and 'adjusting' mine, lol.